World Travels!

World Travels!
September 7, 2015 AnnaGloth

In June, I was very fortunate to be able to visit Europe for the first time, with my entire family. I don’t know when you stop being invited to family vacations, but I am glad that that time has not come for me yet.

We went with EF Tours, here are some things I will say about EF Tours:
– You get very little unstructured time, if you are planning on tromping around by yourself on one of their trips, that is not in the game plan.
– With that being said, you will see more than you could have ever thought was feasible in such a short period of time.
– You will walk farther than you ever thought you could.
– Due to the extreme amount of walking, feel free to eat everything and anything you want.
– You will not be staying anywhere near where you are going that day, the hotels tend to be pretty far outside of the city.
– You will be tired.
– You will be so tired.


It was a wonderful trip. I ate up all that family time. I also took roughly a zillion rolls of film, which I have not yet had developed. In the meantime, enjoy a sampling of the millions of pictures I took on my iphone!

*The pink glob is “Shrimp Salad” which apparently means something very different in France. 


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