DIY Dining Room Table and Bench

DIY Dining Room Table and Bench
December 17, 2016 AnnaGloth

This weekend, my dad came to visit us for the first time in our new house. This trip was planned before my fiancé broke his collar bone, and we had a lot of things that still needed lifting from the move. My dad was able to help us SO MUCH in the past 2.5 days. In addition to helping us move the last of the furniture we couldn’t handle on our own, he helped us build the dining room table I’ve been wanting so badly.

My friend Nicole built this same table, and I totally fell in love with it. She was kind enough to pass the plans along and let me borrow her kreg jig so I could make one too.

I think with every woodworking project I take on, there is always some sort of super painful lesson I end up learning the hardest way imaginable. With this desk, it was that the convenience of Polyshades Minwax is NOT worth it. It takes so many coats to build up that semi gloss, and by the time it was glossy, the piece ended up much darker than anticipated (or at least for me it did!). That piece I ended up sanding and re-staining twice. 

Building this table, we learned how important it is to measure the finished furniture AND the door frame. Sunday night at midnight, my 90lb sister, fiance (with broken collar bone), Dad, and I were all trying lift a VERY heavy table into a door frame that it just would not fit through. After several failed attempts, lots of yelling, and eventually removing the back door, it FINALLY made it into the house.

Other side notes, be sure to double check you have selected the straightest boards you can find. Unfortunately, Lowes did not have a plethora of straight boards, and I ended up doing a lot more sanding than I wanted to.

I used pine for the table, which is not only a very soft wood, it’s also not known for staining very beautifully. I went ahead and used a pre stain wood conditioner, which I think really helped the table take the stain much more nicely.

This was the first time I’ve tackled a wood working project with my dad, and it was so much fun. All in all, I’m very happy with the finished product, and I appreciate this table so much more knowing the two boys I love the very most helped make it possible.

Plans / project examples can be found:

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